5 of the Most Luxurious Trains Ever



Travelling by train is truly a romantic experience. Regardless if you’re just alone watching the countryside by the window, or enjoying an afternoon conversation with a friend, this mode of transport is a good way to start your travel. And yes, this is among the fastest ways to get into your destination, however, some trains are just so luxurious that passengers don’t only arrive at their destination on time, they also give people a chance to enjoy world-class facilities.

Here are five of the most luxurious trains in history:

The Blue Train

The Blue Train travels all major South African cities. With luxury suites that feature big screen TVs, gourmet meals, and elegant dining rooms, it has served lots of guests, including presidents and kings.

Rocky Mountaineer

When traveling in Canada with Rocky Mountaineer, guests could enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Alberta, Canada, and British Columbia. Aside from that, the train boasts delicious meals, which are served in a lower-level dining area.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express


It was the Orient Express that set the standard for Gilded Age Travel in 1883 in Europe. It offers luxurious services as it travels between Istanbul and Paris. Today, the train is used by many business travelers and honeymooners, who are after a luxurious overnight getaway.


The Ghan

Aboard the Ghan, guests get a rare glimpse of the Australian Outback, one of the abandoned regions on the planet, as they traverse Adelaide to Darwin. It stops in Alice Springs, the center of the Outback, where everyone on board can explore the beauty of the desolated culture of the region.

Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot is among the most luxurious train tours in South India. Passengers will have the option of two week-long trips that take them into the stunning flora and fauna of the country and some other UNESCO-protected temples. After one day of exploring, guests can relax and unwind in the drinking lounge, or have a soothing massage on-board.



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