7 Insanely Expensive Items Ever Made

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It’s insane what people can do to earn money. Working more than ten hours every day, exhausting every talent they have, or maybe selling parts of their body. Well, the last one is scary, and no one should do it. But, no one can blame people for going extra miles just to get hold of a few silver coins. We need money, after all. No one doesn’t.

But you know what’s crazier? The things people do with their money. Some use it to travel around the world, and some spend much on building unbelievably grand houses. And the others? They spend it on some of the impossibly expensive stuff ever made and sold.

Here a list of seven of the most expensive items people take the risk of spending much of their earnings on.

Dark Knight Home Theater — $2,000,000

People love movies, and some love it so much they make them as inspiration for designs. This home theater is one example. For an amount that can feed you for days and even months, one is willing to spend it on a Dark Knight Home Theater. Well, whoever owns it must be a die-hard Batman fan.

Personal Submarine — $2,000,000

What you can find under the sea can be spectacular. You can see centuries-old treasures, National Geographic says. Most people find those treasures, and some make them. Here dives a $2,000,000 submarine. With a price like that, hopefully, the underwater travel is greater than the price.

PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Television — $2,500,000

This is the world’s most expensive television! Its outer frame is made of 22-carat gold and added with 48 diamonds and a set of aventurine and topaz, so maybe that’s the reason behind its price. Your guests will be delighted to see this when they pay a visit to your house, for sure.



Heintzman Crystal Piano — $3,200,000

If you can play the piano, you’re amazing. If you have the most expensive piano ever sold, you’re more amazing. Here’s Gerhard Heintzman’s crystal edition piano, the most expensive sold in history.

Piano Heintzman Crystal - $3.22 million, Made in Beijing this 9 foot piano was recently purchased at auction by a private bidder

18-Carat Gold Speakers — $4,700,000

We don’t know if the songs become better with this set of speakers, but this Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure speakers sure are expensive. Perhaps the singers’ albums automatically reach gold status with this, right? That would be amazing.



iPad 2 Gold History Edition — $7,944,000

Everyone loves anything from Apple Inc. Who doesn’t? But I don’t know if you will still love an iPad if it goes with a price like $7,944,000. It has great features, though, so it should be worth it.

Now we’re down to the most expensive in our list. Are you ready for what it is . . . and its price?

201-Carat Chopard Watch — $25,000,000

Who spends $2,500,000 on watch? You’d think no one, but someone actually did. This shining, shimmering, splendid watch should look perfect with anyone’s wrist. Of course, it costs a lot of fortune.

No one can dictate people what to do with their money. They earned it, and they have  full control on what they’ll do with it. And the items they use it with are unbelievably expensive, but as long as they are happy with its use and features, the price will not really matter.

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