8 Bedrooms That Will Make Your Boring Nights a Little Sexier

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Not everyone could have a sexy body like Megan Fox or Scarlett Johansson, so not all women could be given a chance to grace the cover of FHM or Esquire. And sometimes, even after a proper diet and hours of intensive sacrifice, we still end up sleeping with pounds of fats.

But it doesn’t mean that just because one does not look sexy, she could not feel like one. Many women who cannot have a Coca-Cola-like body shape find ways to feel sexy. Some wear dresses that will cater to their size but will still help them appear fit, and some rely on makeup. But have you ever thought of asking help from your bedroom? It cannot give you a verbal answer, but with the right design and features, it can actually give you that sexy feeling you long wanted.

Gone are the days that you get satisfied with just a soft bed and properly working lights. It’s time to take sleeping to a whole new level—like a sexy one—with these sexy bedrooms from around the world that can make you feel like a star with a body to die for.

Feast on these eight photos of the sexiest bedrooms and get ideas on how you can make yours be one.

Sleep like the sleeping beauty Aurora with this luxurious bed.

Simple but elegant-looking, this bedroom will surely make you feel like a superstar walking in the red carpet.

How about a bedroom with a dressing room with floor-to-ceiling glass-fronted showcases made solely for shoes.

What flower could make you feel sexier than roses? Well, this room is filled with that.

The lights just give out the perfect feel.

This one is a classic, dating back to 13th century. But just like this, one’s never too old to feel sexy.

Sleep like a fox in the wild in this bedroom that will bring the sexy side of you.

Red is the color of sexiness, and this bedroom wants to tell you that.

Quite romantic too, right? Well, guess you already have some ideas in mind on how you can turn your bedroom from ordinary to extraordinarily sexy.


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