This Undiscovered Town on the Amalfi Coast of Italy will Blow You Away

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Italy houses many landmarks that are popular among tourists, but not everything about this European country is known to many. One of it is the Amalfi Coast, a less-known Italian region but keeps a town that is breathtaking—the Atrani. This hidden town has been the shooting location for commercials and films because of its scenic views, and the alleys, lemon groves, and even the staircases in the locale are all photogenic.

The town is the perfect refuge and escape from the noisy and busy city. It is historical sanctuary, with a wide range of historic architectures found there. These strcutures were erected in the area way long ago, which include the tenth-century Medieval Church of San Salvatore de’ Birecto, the fifteenth-century fortress of Torre dello Ziro, the fine Rococo facade of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene Penitent.

The town also houses lush greenery and breathtaking panoramic views, added with its cool sandy beach with crystal blue water that is perfect for swimming in the summer.

You can go anytime to Atrani since it drops into the mild Mediterranean climate zone, although summer is the warmest and greenest season. Atrani is only five-minute walk from Amalfi, and you can get there from the coast.

Here are photos of the exhilarating views in Atrani.

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