Awesome Presidential Planes that Fly in Style


Running a country is one of the most daunting jobs a person could ask for.

From policy making to resolving conflicts, being a president might sound impressive for one’s resume but it is a job that should not be taken lightly. Political conflicts might become a daily task but one of the greatest perks of being a prominent political figure lets you ride in style.

Here are just some of the most impressive presidential planes that will leave even the richest person in the planet green with envy.

I. America’s Air Force One/ American Presidential Plane

The Air Force One:

Contrary to popular belief, the term Air Force One does not refer to the name of the plane.

But rather Air Force One is known as the official air traffic control call sign of the United States Air Force aircraft that is carrying the President of the United of the United States. This term is now commonly used to describe the aircraft that was specifically designed to transport the president. Aside from the American Bald Eagle, the Air Force One also became a prominent symbol of the American presidency and power.

The initial model that was used for the creation of the very first Air Force One plane was the C-54 Skymaster which was dubbed as the Sacred Crow. The first president to be transported on the first Air Force One carrier is President Franklin D. Roosevelt who flew to the Yalta Conference in the February of 1945. This stunning air craft has several world class amenities that even the most expensive commercial flight could not offer.

This amazing aircraft measures about 234 feet long and a total wingspan of 195 feet. This 63 ft tall plane has a 4,000 square ft of interior space that can hold 76 passengers in total. Aside from its massive and impressive size, this presidential transport has equally incredible features that are fit for a president.



Its storage area is enough to replenish hours even days of flight as it can hold a total of 2,000 meals. Medical emergencies are a piece of cake while you are on board this plane as the Air Force One an its own medical room complete with its very own extensive pharmacy and operating room. Aside from having its own baggage loader, the air craft carrier has 86 telephones and 19 televisions which guarantee 24/7 communication even while the president on flight.

And if that is not impressive enough, this presidential carrier has 238 miles of wiring that is capable of heavy shielding and classified avionics and defenses. Aside from its exterior that is able to withstand a nuclear explosion, it even has electronic counter measures to jam enemy radar and flares to throw off heat seeking missiles.

If this does not make the president of the unites States of America the most secured person in the world, even while traveling, then we don’t know what does.

II. Doomsday Plane/ Russian Presidential Plane

The Doomsday Plane

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Here is another superpower that also has an incredible presidential plane that is on par with America’s widely recognized Air Force One.

The surprisingly named Doomsday plane is the official plane carrier of the Russian president Vladimir Putin. This Tupelov Tu-2014 has specific features that was built specifically for the Russian president’s needs and specifications. This impressive plane has twin engines with long endurance jets that carry up to 62 passengers.

Airplanes, Travel, Interior Design

Packed with cutting edge sensor and communications equipment, the plane’s most notable feature are its defense systems. Aside from the MRC 411 multi intelligence payload, the Doomsday plane is also equipped with electronic intelligence sensors, and communications intelligence equipment.

Four on board generators are what provides ample amperage while a set of external fuel tanks allow the plane to remain in flight. Little is known about its interior but it’s safe to say that it is also one of the most stylish interiors an aircraft carrier could not possibly have.

President Vladimir Putin needs to escape danger, he hops aboard this top-secret flying communications center. Surprisingly, this presidential carrier takes only 4 crewmen to fly.

This will not come as a surprise if this plane is highly regarded as one of the most secure places in the air.

Get to know more about these exclusive on air vehicles from some of the world’s most prominent political figures.


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