Baywatch Couple Gets Chased Out of Germany for Their $100,000-a-Month Life


The Baywatch couple Bastian and Maria Yotta just moved to Beverly Hills in L.A. to live their dream. They were actually chased out of their country Germany because people would even spit on their Ferrari and taunt Maria’s large boobs for their excessive lifestyle.

Bastian, a multimillionaire businessman, spends not less than $100,000 a month on his fancy lifestyle—a life he has been dreaming ever since he watched Baywatch on TV when he was still a kid. And he is loving it!

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Bastian said that he was captivated by the place, the beautiful girls and beautiful beaches. And to top it all, he’s got a hot wife, hotter than Pamela Anderson!

Bastian met Maria, who was then a student, three years ago at a restaurant.

Six months after meeting Bastian, she had to give up her dream of teaching children with special needs.

Bastian created his own version of Pamela Anderson by sponsoring Maria’s boob job, converting her 32C cup to a 32F cup.

He added, “Germans would sneer at her and say her boobs were too big, but secretly, I think they liked them.

“I love big boobs and I know they have made Maria very happy.”

To people who call her gold-digger, Maria explains that she didn’t know how wealthy Bastian was when she first met him. His great body and beautiful smile were the only things she noticed on him.

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