Campagna T-Rex 16STM Is the Modern-Day Road’s Ultimate Three-Wheeled Car



Have you ever ridden in your motorcycle and stood in the middle of two more and suddenly hoped you can turn yours into a three-wheeled car and have the best vehicle there is? The people from Canadian car manufacturer Campagna felt your desire and made it possible for you. Here comes their Campagna T-Rex 16STM—the evidence of what happens if a motorcycle meets a three-wheeled supercar.

The T-Rex 16STM takes its name from the beastly dinosaur from a long time ago, and just like the animal, it is quite fierce. Unlike its predecessor T-Rex 14R that had a 1.4-liter Kawasaki powerplant, the 16STM carries a 1.6-liter BMW engine. It can hit 60mph in under five seconds!



If you drive a 16STM, you have to know that this car is an open cockpit, with only a tubular chassis and a thin layer of fiberglass between you and the pavement. You can get stuck in the middle of those leather seats. It has a three-point seatbelts, however, and its body shell has carbon-fiber accents.

If you want to have a drive around, worry not because the T-Rex 16STM is completely street legal. It also comes in eight different colors you can choose from. And its price? Brace yourself. A whopping US$58,000.



Check out some videos of the Campagna T-Rex 16STM and reviews on it.


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