When Daughter Asks for a Reading Area in Her Bedroom, Dad Builds This $4,250 Fairy Tree House

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This father, who goes by the username of radamshome on Reddit, made her daughter’s wish come true when she asked him to make a fairy tree in her bedroom, where she can sit and read. And when he completed her request, he did it in the most astonishing way.

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The father is working in the video game industry as an artist, which explains how he came up with something that is so magical it looks like it was taken straight out of a fairy tale–based video game. He is not worried that his daughter might not leave her room anymore now that she got what she wanted, but he fears for that day when she’ll ask him to remove the whole thing.

Explaining when and how the tree house project started, the dad shared, “My daughter wanted a fairy tree in her room that she could sit inside and read books, climb the branches, and also have a top sitting area.”


The loving dad admitted it took a lot of work and time to complete the massive fairy tree. Radamshome dropped a total of $4,250 and spent over 350 hours just to finish it.

But the expenses are reflected in the result, yielding a tree house that is too beautiful it fits for Disneyland and strong enough to hold three normal-sized adults on each branch at the same time.


“I was kind of unprepared for the physical realities of this project. I used Disney set-design as my inspiration,” Radamshome said. “Even though it was difficult, I learned a huge amount along the way. It turned out pretty well, and she’s so happy in her new room!


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