London’s Newest Cafe Serves Nothing but Cereal

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London is a place offering an extremely diverse upmarket market of fast food. There are 5 star hot dog joints,  fried-chicken shops and an endless selection of burger bars. But what about the most popular and fastest food of all, breakfast cereal? Surely no one would ever think to open up a restaurant that only serves cereal, right? Que identical twins from Belfast, Alan and Gary Keery, who have done exactly that with “Cereal Killer Cafe.”

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The hipster twist that comes with their cafe, Cereal Killer, is that it doesn’t sell fancy-shmancy normal breakfast cereal, but nostalgic classics like Rice Krispies, Frosties and Special K.

The cafe, which was once a video shop, is covered in paintings of fictional serial killers made completely out of, you guessed it, cereal! The walls also sport novelty cereal boxes from the 1980s and early 90s.

Gary told reporters how the idea of opening a cereal restaurant came about and it’s not at complex as you would think. Half of the duo said that the brothers came up with the idea when they were hungover one morning and the only thing they craved was a nice big bowl of cereal. They tried to crowdfund the cereal projects but didn’t have enough donations. The publicity and word of mouth, however, helped them to get a loan and a sympathetic easy-going landlord.

The menu offers British, American and global cereals all at £2.50 for a small bowl. Each bowl comes with a choice of milks and toppings such as fruit or marshmallows.

Gary, one of the owners is confident that people don’t just come for breakfast: “Many people eat cereal throughout the day as a snack or a meal … we will be open until 10pm.” He said he knew plenty of people choose to snack on cereal at home – but was concerned if anyone want to eat it when they’re out. The success of their still-fairly-new restaurant has proved him wrong.

“My favourite at the moment are marshmallow-flavoured Rice Krispie,” Gary told reporters. “We always have about 30 or 40 boxes at home.” “Sometimes we’ll be up until 4 or 5 in the morning mixing different cereals and milks to find the newest, craziest combination possible. It’s just part of the job.” Alan boasts.

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