The Grandiose Jumeirah Bodrum Hotel of Turkey

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The Jumeirah Bodrum Palace, found along the untainted shores of the Aegean Sea in Bodrum, Turkey, features 135 beautiful suites and villas with picturesque seaside views and wide private terraces. It also offers a variety of gourmet restaurant options, 57 swimming pools, and first-class spa services.

Though every part of the resort is luxurious, the main attraction of this ultimate getaway location is the three-story six-bedroom Palace villa with a total area of 21, 527 square feet. It is so spacious that it can already accommodate up to 12 guests.



Aside from the villa, the hotel also boasts six master bedrooms that come with marble bathrooms, a Jacuzzi, a sauna,  a Turkish bath, three-fully equipped kitchens, an elevator, a private indoor pool, and a private gym. Outside the room, guests can enjoy the beautiful views from a terrace, take a dip into two heated pools, rest on the balcony, or visit the private cabanas located on a secluded pier.

All guests may enjoy the hotel’s services, such as breakfast in the villa, personal housekeepers and chefs, 24/7 butler service, airport transport services, and on-site golf carts.

Not surprisingly, one night at the Palace villa costs a whopping $33,825.




Check out these videos of the Jumeirah Bodrum Palace:


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