10 Most Terrific Tree Houses on the Planet- These are Amazing!

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Tree House Surrounded by Yellow

If you are thinking that tree houses are just little wooden houses built for recreation purposes, well, you might want to change your idea once you see how complex these structures can be. Below, we present you a collection of stunning, surreal, and fantastic tree houses. Apparently, some of them are cooler than the house you current live, so, you might want to rent or live in any of these structures one day.

1. Yellow Tree House by Pacific Environments Architects Ltd

Yellow Tree House

Found in Auckland, New Zealand, the Yellow Tree House is a restaurant built on a 40-meter high redwood tree, with the diameter of the base measuring 1.7 meters.

2.  Four Tree House by Lukasz Kos

Four Tree House

Four Tree House is designed by Lukasz Kos. Obviously, its name speaks for itself. It is constructed around four trees. Although it swings with the wind, you really don’t have to fret. The designer used steel cables so as to prevent any accidents from happening.

3.  Tree House Surrounded by Yellow Trees

Tree House Surrounded by Yellow

Found in Tokyo, Japan, this small tree house has a fence built out of crooked branches. Because of that, it looks like a giant bird’s nest.

4.  Chongqing Tree House

Chongqing Tree House

In Chongqing, this beautiful tree houses connected together has become a popular tourist attraction.

5. Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres

Located in Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada, these handcrafted spheres that are suspended from a web of rope is dubbed as the tree house for adults.



6.  Teahouse Tetsu tree house by Terunobu Fujimori

Teahouse Tetsu tree house

Although its exterior looks something fairy-tale-like, its inside is very simple. The tree house is located in a place surrounded by cherry blossoms.

7. Living the Highlife Tree House by Blueforest

Living the Highlife Tree House

Located in the United Kingdom, the castle-like tree house has a canopy walkways, which makes it a fun playground for the young and the young at heart.

8. The HemLoft Tree House by Joel Allen

The HemLoft Tree House

Secretly built by Joel Allen, this wooden egg-shaped tree house is found in Whistler Woods, Canada.

9. Alnwick Garden Tree House

Alnwick Garden Tree House

The Alnwick Garden Tree House is among the largest tree houses on the planet. It is located in Alnwick, Northumberland, United Kingdom.

10.  La Casa del Àrbol

La Casa del Arbol

La Casa de Arbol is a unique tree house that features a swing that hands over a cliff. It is located in Bañ0s de Agua Santa Ecuador.



Here are other beautiful tree house designs:

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