This Island Castle is Valued at $10M…Find Out Why




Built using only the most durable and high-quality furnishings and materials, Chateau Artisan is truly one-of-a-kind. With a total land area of 14 acres, this property sits in between some royal gardens and a private lake.

The magnificent French chateau has a gated entry made out of wrought iron. It is then followed by more wooden privacy gates that are extremely huge. As guests drive along the tree-lined drive, vast lawns, beautiful pools, a massive koi pond, and a gigantic obelisk focal point will greet you.

Inside the three-storey property, a lot of interesting features can be seen. These include an impact glass, BBQ gazebo, a full-house generator, an extremely huge kitchen, a boat house, and a lot more.

The main house sits on 10,100 square feet of land. It has five bathrooms, eight bedrooms, and two gazebos, with one used for sleeping and the other for dining.

Built by architect Charles Sieger, this absolutely crazy castle is located at the heart of its own island in the land-locked Redland. It was first put on sale in 2013 for $10,000,000, but the owners failed to find a buyer. He modeled it after a 17th century French Chateau. For five years, he and his wife lived in the house, but later on, they decided to put it on the market.

Sieger and his wife bought the acreage in 2002 for $414,000 and have put the property on the market after living in their custom house for only five years.

The house is totally symmetrical and medieval. However, it looks kind of weird. Nonetheless, its architect owner is selling it again.



This beautiful home is located in South Florida and not in Canterbury, England.









Because the property is so ridiculous, it was featured in the music video below:


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