11 Imaginative Table Designs to Make Your Home Luxurious


One of the furniture that commonly get used the most are tables. Usually, they are meant for eating, drinking, or even playing games.

Tables might just be board mounted in four pegs, but it is hard to come across any household without them. Some artists even saw the potential to turn them into stunning masterpieces.

It is amazing how their creative minds churn out designs to blow us out of the water. Check out some of their awesome works here.

1.  The Picnic Table

2.  The Lake Table


3.  The Moon Table

4.  Glass River Table

5.  The Swing Set Table



6.  Wood and Aluminum Tables

7.  The Leaf Table


8.  Dripping Chocolate Tables

9.  Abyss Table

10.  Wood Log Table

11.  Recycled Jet Engine Table

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