You can Buy $2 Billion Worth of Haunted Houses With Infamous Stories of Violence and Sadness

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Are you looking for a residence with a dark history? Or maybe you just want to personally see a haunted house? If you are, then you came to the right place. We’ve made a collection of haunted houses that you should definitely see. It’s a must that you try living in one of these for at least a couple of days, if you have no plan to buy one.

You can also take your family with you and feel the thrill of these scary houses with dark histories.

The Sowden House

This house is on sale for $4,888,000 and was home to George Hill Hodel, the prime suspect during the investigation of the Black Dahlia Murder. His father was murdered inside the house.

The Ghost House

The price for this haunted house is a whopping $6.5 million. This was the exact house where Lizzie Borden axe-murdered his stepmother and father. The house has been haunted since then, and you can even enjoy the haunted-themed food. Yum!

Old Victorian Home

You can rent this house for $650 per month, or you can buy it for $169,285. It is said that ghostly faces from the past appear in the mirrors and that the neighbor discovered a human skull in the basement.

Ma Barker’s House

The price for this house is an amazing $1 billion. The price is so ridiculously high due to its history. The house itself was the place where the longest shootout in the history of FBI took place. After the encounter, it left the Ma Barker’s house haunted, and it’s rumored that the ghost of Mr. Barker still lurks around the corner.

The Hampton Lillibridge

You can buy this haunted house for $2,800,000. It’s the site of numerous paranormal activities, like strange voices of children from the wall and the appearance of a man in the bathrobe.



House on the Hills, Los Angeles

You can purchase this house for $15,000,000. It is apparently located on an Indian burial ground.

The Haunted Grey House

Priced at only $130,000, this house attracts people because of its mysterious and ambiguous ambiance. Also, the company name might play a role in attracting people. Who wouldn’t be attracted with the name Hauntrepreneurs, right?

House of Janet Leigh Murder

You can go ahead and purchase his house for only $3,950,000. Upon entering, you can already feel that something is eerie about the house. This luxurious house includes a small strings section, which plays repetition of discordant chords when you open the shower, and a pool.

Super Haunted House Since 1859

You can own this house for $1.2 billion. Oh yeah, a little history lesson. In the year 1859, the famous abolitionist John Brown was hung in there. You might see him wander around your living room from time to time once you buy this house.

The Kreishcher Mansion in Staten Island

This house can be yours at the price of $2,499,000. This house is haunted by Lady Kreischer who is still mourning over her husband, Edwin.



The Schweppe Estate

The reason this house is sold at the price of $12,000,000 is Charles Schweppe‘s suicide and the appearance of a mysterious “ghost window.”

Amityville Horror House

This is the infamous house where Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed six members of his family. The Amityville Horror House is on sale for $950,000.

There you have it, folks. These are some of the most famous haunted houses where you can visit, buy, or spend some time in. Just be sure to keep an extra flashlight with plenty of batteries, in case the lights suddenly turn off.


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