This $6.9million Home is only 8 Feet above the Ground …But it Has a Huge Surprise


This one-of-a-kind home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a cinema, a wine cellar, and a garden. It’s on the real estate market for £4.5million. A few years ago, Langtry House in Hampstead Heath was just a row of garages. Planning permission was given for their demolition and they were replaced with a new home. The rules stated that the new home wasn’t allowed to be higher than the building it replaced, so the architects had to design and build underground. The result is a new well-disguised house.

A few years ago, this place was just a row of garages. This is the house pictured from above now.


The fence-like facade of Langtry House is hidden behind a mansion block next to Hampstead Heath.


Even though it is only eight feet high on the outside, the living room has a twenty-five foot high ceiling. This is the lounge of the luxury home.


The architects had to work around the rule that the house could not be higher than the structure it replaced. So, they built downwards. Shown in the picture is one of the three bedrooms.


Director of Aston Chase, Mark Pollack, said, “The house has been masterfully conceived in the rear car park of a mansion block and now all the outside world sees is a subtle, yet beautifully engineered wooden fence-like facade“. In the picture is an en suite bedroom.





It’s on the market for £4.5 million. The home is described as “deceptively spacious and breathtaking experience”.


The dining area has a breakfast bar with seating. The marble floor makes the floor glow.


This bathroom in Langtry House has a walk in shower, bath tub, toilet, and a heated metal towel rack.


They were given permission to demolish the lock ups and construct this gorgeous home.


The iceberg home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a garden, wine cellar, and a cinema. In the photo is the cinema.


There is a beautiful Poggenpohl kitchen/breakfast area, a TV and family room, gym, cinema, and wine cellar. It’s hidden behind a mansion block, but when you open the door you will be surprised to find the 3,500 square foot home. Everything is state of the art. From being only eight feet high, you step into a twenty-five foot high ceiling for the living room. It was named for the actress Lillie Langtry.


This modern house was named for Lillie Langtry the actress.

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In the living room is a corner sofa, glass coffee table, armchair, and two circular ottomans. The plasma screen and speakers are built into the wall.


From the outside, this subterranean home looks like a garden fence.


It was finished six months ago and it is now one of London’s newest best disguised houses. Above is a picture of the home at night.


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