5 Creepy Castles to Spend the Night In

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The world is filled with eerie and haunted castles you don’t even know exist. They may look beautiful on the outside, but inside, there are supposedly paranormal activities that will surely give you the chills and several sleepless nights. Let us take a tour around five of the creepiest castles in the world.

Borley Rectory, England

Located in the village of Borley, Essex, the Borley Rectory is a Victorian house that was destroyed by fire in 1939. After lots of supernatural activities took place in this house, it has gained its reputation of being haunted and creepy. According to locals, some unusual steps have been heard here at night. Other paranormal experts have reported that they’ve heard the sound of ringing of bells and throwing bottles. They’ve also seen a ghost of a nun roaming around, two headless horsemen, and a phantom carriage.

Riddle House, USA

The Riddle House was a funeral parlor, located in Palm Beach County, Florida. After several years, it was destroyed and rebuilt in Yesteryear Village at the South Florida fair grounds. Legend says that Joseph, a former employee of the Riddles, committed suicide in the attic by hanging himself. Since then, Joseph’s soul has never found peace. It is believed that he attacks any men who get into the attic. There are also stories that several furniture pieces in the house have been moving frequently.



Woodchester Mansion, England

The Woodchester Mansion is an incomplete Gothic revival house, located in Gloucestershire. Although it looks complete from the outside, there are several plasters and rooms that are actually missing inside. Some women who have been to the bathroom said they have seen floating heads inside.

The Stanley Hotel, USA

Known for its vintage look and appearance, the Stanley Hotel boasts impressive views in various directions. It is located about six miles away from America’s Rocky Mountain National Park. It is believed that the hotel is haunted by the soul of its former owners F. O. and Flora Stanley. People who have witnessed the bizarre happenings said that Flora plays the piano, and F. O. wanders around the billiards room and the hotel to fulfill his duties as the owner.



Hunedoara (Hunyad) Castle, Romania

Hunedoara Castle has thirteen levels. It is renowned for housing some of the world’s most disturbing events. At the entrance of the castle, there lies a well that is more than 30 meters deep. Legend says that the fountain was dug by twelve Turkish prisoners. Their captors promised them that if they would reach the water, they would be given their freedom. When they succeeded, their captors cut off their heads, instead of giving their liberty.

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