7 Most Breathtaking Lakeside Houses


There is nothing more beautiful than waking up each morning with a breath of fresh air and a wonderful view of a lake and the woodlands across the water. You don’t need to travel miles just to get away from the stressful life in the city and take that long due break you deserve after a day’s work because you can have that idyllic setting and natural retreat right on your doorstep everyday.

As the demand for a quiet retreat away from urban chaos increases, more homeowners are starting to adapt contemporary abodes that bring them closer to nature. If you are one of them, you definitely need to check our list below on the seven most breathtaking lakeside homes.

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1. Lake House by  John Robert Nilsson in Stockholm, Sweden

Occupying 250 square meters on top of a natural plateau is a beautiful lake house designed by Robert Nilsson, Maria Århammar, Niklas Singstedt, Martin Zetherström, Vincenzo Cassotta and constructed by Liljestrand Entreprenad LE AB along with a handful of talented landscapers and contractors in 2009.

The house has a spectacular view of the lake and the mountains made of full glass windows  with thermal control and daylight discoloration reducement. It was made of Gotland limestone on concrete foundation in a simple, minimal but modern design.

Stunning Lake House by John Robert Nilsson

Stunning Lake House by John Robert Nilsson

Stunning Lake House by John Robert Nilsson

Stunning Lake House by John Robert Nilsson

Stunning Lake House by John Robert Nilsson

2. House on Minho River by Quico Jorreto in Galicia, Spain

Architect Quico Jorreto created a beautiful house that gives a panoramic view of nature in 360 degree angle. As described by Jorreto, his masterpiece is a cave and an eye looking to the river, looking for the sun, big enough to heat the winter, and small enough to close and protect the cave.

He further noted his cave as a combination of water, air, earth and fire.

Contemporary Spanish Delight4

Contemporary Spanish Delight3

Contemporary Spanish Delight2

Contemporary Spanish Delight

3. Whitefish Spa & Pool house in Montana, USA

Modern Japanese house designed by CTA Architect Engineers created a serene spa and pool house in Montana in a minimal style. Their goal is to create a true spa experience for everyone with their infinity pool, hot tubs, custom designs and furniture, rain shower, art gallery and of course, with their wonderful view of nature.

Oriental Inspiration3

Oriental Inspiration2

Oriental Inspiration

4. Courtyard House in Seattle, Washington

DeForest Architects created a lovely wooden terrain with a scenic setting of Washinton lake. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms hidden in a wooden fence away from the busy streets of Washington. The courtyard house gives a cozy vibe of layered woods in a complementary palette and its surrounding landscape facing the distant Mount Rainier gives you the ultimate relaxation.

Courtyard House4

Courtyard House3

Courtyard House2

Courtyard House

5. Villa a Como by Marco Piva in Lombardy, Italy

Huge glass windows made of light colors and natural materials, this villa overlooking Lake Como is a perfect house for a single family. Offering 5,630 square feet of space, the villa underwent major renovation like restoring the fences, changing the rooftop, redesigning porches and overhangs and shaving dividers inside and out.

A Fairy Tale in the Woods

A Fairy Tale in the Woods3

A Fairy Tale in the Woods2

6. Floating House by Dymitr Malcew

French architect Dymitr Malcew created a marvelous floating and mobile house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, functional kitchen and spacious terrace. Built on a floating platform base, the house can be moved to different locations so you can have a luxurious stay on the edge of a lake or in the ground.

Float Away to Nirvana2

Float Away to Nirvana4

Float Away to Nirvana

Float Away to Nirvana3

7. Gambier Island House in British Columbia, Canada

Designed by Mcfarlane Green Bigar Architecture headed by Steve McFarlane, the Gambier Island House at the Sunshine Coast of Gambier Island sits on a 1,700 square meter area  and perched atop a rocky cliff along the coast. This modern cabin of the wood has its own sources of heat and electricity and is only accessible via the water.

Gambier Island House

Gambier Island House4

Gambier Island House3

Gambier Island House2

Who doesn’t want to have the best of both worlds with these luxurious abode that give you a comfortable and stress-free environment and a lovely panorama of the lake and the mountains?

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