Apartment in Russia Where Everything Is Golden Is Up for Sale


In Madagan City, Northeastern Rusia, an apartment went up for sale. It has caught the attention of many prospective buyers. It is on the second floor of an ordinary building, but inside you are greeted by an explosion of gold. No, it’s not real gold, but almost every surface is bedecked in golden tones from the walls, to the furniture, to the bathroom fittings. It’s all designed to give an opulent, expensive look.

Real estate agent Roman Vikhlyantsev says the owners are well-traveled businessmen who love art. He says, “The owners are intellectuals. They travel the world and bring exotic decorative items back to their home, which is now reflected in this property.”

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The owners have decided to sell their two-bedroom home, which is an 800-square-foot property. The golden furniture and other decorations come with the place. Based on its location, offers are expected to start at a little over $96,000 US dollars. That is a bargain price, but the price is affected by the city’s bad climate and the fact that  there’s a huge prison nearby.

Vikhlyantsev is confident that the golden furniture and collectibles from around the world will intrigue buyers. Based on comments on the Internet, he could be wrong. Since the photos of the apartment have gone viral, many people have left negative comments on social media sites regarding the decorations.

One person wrote, “These people are just idiots. What a terrifying monster this apartment is.” While another commented, “Even though all the items are expensive, it looks very cheap.”

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