Awesome Bedroom Designs That Create Real Places of Refuge

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The bedroom is arguably everyone’s favorite room in the house. It is here where we find peace amid the chaos we encounter in our everyday lives. That is why today’s modern home designs have spruced up the traditional bedroom design that we are familiar with.

Whether it’s placing a Jacuzzi in the middle of the room or adding a stunning view of Mother Nature, the bedrooms of this generations are now more than your place of catching some sleep.

So if you’re planning to do some remodeling in your own room, why not check out these mesmerizing bedroom designs and see which one fits your taste.


A Jacuzzi is perfect to combat a hard day’s work.




Simplicity is key when going for a chic and modern design.



A focal point in the room can do wonders.




Imagine waking up to this view every day.



For a cool, calm, and collected feel.



Enjoy the sunrise with this spectacular view.


An elegant view that deserves to be seen.


Modern bedroom with high contrast of  black and white with awesome lighting.




An open bedroom with elegant wall decor.



Soft, fresh, and classic.


The Glass Pavilion’s modern master bedroom.


Master bedroom with indoor bath and with an awesome view.


A gorgeous master bedroom with a unique bed.




Don’t be afraid to experiment with texture.


Perfect lighting always sets the mood.


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