Awesome Bedroom Designs That Create Real Places of Refuge

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The bedroom is arguably everyone’s favorite room in the house. It is where we find peace, refuge, and privacy amid the chaos we encounter in our everyday lives. That is why today’s modern home designs have spruced up the traditional bedroom designs that we are familiar with. Whether it’s placing a Jacuzzi in the middle of the room or adding a stunning view of Mother Nature, the bedrooms of this generation are now more than your place of catching some sleep.

So if you’re planning to do some remodeling in your own room, why don’t you check out these mesmerizing bedroom designs and see which one fits your taste?

Bedroom Designs That Make Bedrooms More than Just a Room for Sleep

An indoor bath is perfect to combat a hard day’s work.

bedroom designs

bedroom designs

Imagine soaking in a hot bath for hours after a long day. Watch TV, have some wine. What could be a better safe haven than this?

Simplicity is key when going for a chic and modern design.

bedroom designs


bedroom designs

Free your mind from life’s clutter and emotional baggage when you enter a futuristic minimalist bedroom. A unique bed paying homage to the future and minimalist furniture that takes streamline moderne into a minimalist Step in and you’ll forget that you still haven’t gotten it together.

A focal point in the room can do wonders.

bedroom designs

Let a wall scream attention to let visitors know whose bedroom this is. You can display a masterpiece, a collection, some awards, a tapestry, a huge portrait. Could you be an artist with works to feature? Hang them away!

Imagine waking up to this view every day.

bedroom designs


Sleep well knowing you can take a dip at the pool right outside the glass door. Calm your senses from the neutrals and natural morning colors. Who wouldn’t want to wake up on the right side of the bed every morning? Add a twist by using elegant wall decor that uses nature as inspiration.

Enjoy the sunrise with this spectacular view.

bedroom designs

bedroom designs

Hog nature’s light all to yourself by sleeping in front of wide sliding glass doors. The calming colors of the sunrise and the sunset are even better emphasized because of this bedroom’s all-white interior. Step out, soak in the sun, and get the right dose of vitamin D.

Modern bedroom with high contrast of  black and white with awesome lighting.

bedroom designs

A monochromatic minimalist bedroom lit with warm ambient lights? Experimenting with textures is something you won’t have to worry about because perfect lighting always sets the mood, bringing everything together! Bring the feels of a vacation hotel straight to your home by using this interior as an inspiration.

Soft, fresh, and classic.

Nothing beats mixing the old with the new and sleeping within the confines of grays and neutrals. Is this two centuries ago? Or is this the minimalist 2010s? The more you can’t see where it begins and ends, the better.

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