These People Have Built Awesome Things in Their Backyard …Just Wait Till You See This



Most homes today do not include a backyard or a front yard. If you are lucky to have one, you would probably be really proud and excited to go out and keep the grass trimmed; and if you really want to go the extra mile, you might have done some landscaping to make it look elegant.

But no matter how much effort you put into it, we bet these guys have a more awesome backyard than you do, putting yours to shame.

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Jim Bishop’s Infinitely Expanding Castle

You might mistake this castle for the ones located in Europe, but in fact, it only stands somewhere in Colorado.

Jim Bishop‘s castle would not probably last a second under siege, but we can forget that with the fact that this particular castle was built by only one man, stone by stone. It took Bishop forty years to construct the enormous structure.

When Bishop was 15 years old, he dropped out of high school after his teacher told him that he would not amount to anything. He wanted to prove him wrong, and unlike most people’s reaction when stuck in the same situation, Bishop purchased two acres of land in Colorado mountains and spent the remainder of his life erecting a gigantic castle out of rocks and junk.

Bishop’s castle features 250-foot towers, domes, vertigo-inducing bridges, and a giant dragon’s head that seems real as it breathes smoke from an internal stove. The entire establishment was single-handedly built by Bishop, laying every stone and beam manually, without the aid of any heavy machinery.

The castle is never finished up to date, and according to Bishop, the day that the construction of the castle would be done is when he opens the paper one morning and reads his own obituary.

The only point of the whole project is that it serves as a therapy for him, and he has no plan on ceasing to build it higher.

A Medieval Castle in Kansas

One morning, Don Kracht woke up and decided that he would cultivate a garden in his backyard. But who could have thought that this is what he meant by “garden”?

Kracht said that it was his intuition that led him to build such a magnificent castle in his yard. While digging, he found that the soil was too wet, so he decided to go another way and made a lake instead. From there, the entire thing went snowballs. It suddenly hit him that the lake needed an island and the island needs to have a waterfall and standing alongside the waterfall is a mighty five-story castle. Hard to believe how imaginative he can be. Well, perhaps, this is what “thinking outside the box” really means.

You probably would think that he is in the line of architecture or stone masonry, but you are wrong. He is a simple math teacher, and his inexperience with construction fails to stop him from mixing his own cement and laying each brick with his own hands until he produced a moat, three bridges, a waterfall, and a castle.

However, he did not forget his love for math . . . as the walkways are engraved with math equations.

He said that people would always mistake his backyard for a real medieval castle, despite the fact that it is located in the middle of Kansas (so it wouldn’t make any sense for one to be constructed).

A Western Town

Retired dentist Jimmy Helms received a task from his wife to renovate some old and run-down sheds in their backyard, but his wife never knew what was coming. Jimmy converted his yard into an old-time Wild West town. That’s probably why she never asked him to do things as he always took them to the extreme.

Over the course of fourteen years, the New Dubina, like how the former dentist liked to call it after a nearby town was destroyed in fire, was completed with a new Western look. The town is full of functions that you would usually find in a Western film—a general store, a saloon, a schoolhouse, and a small church.

Overall, the town has twenty-two buildings, stocked with actual artifacts from the Old West, which Helms had scoured all over Texas.

While some might mock his unusual hobby, some television network found their way into the town and filmed a couple of episodes with Helms playing as a sheriff.

A Homemade Roller Coaster

A weekend in an amusement park is always something worth looking forward to, but all the waiting in line to get a ride on a roller coaster takes away all of the excitement and fun. Most of us just replicate the thrill that roller coasters give by sitting on a swivel chair and spinning around really fast.

But John Ivers would not buy that alternative. What he did? He chose to replicate an actual roller coaster in his backyard.

The Indiana resident loves roller coaster but simply hates waiting in lines, so his solution is to build his own roller coaster back in 2001. He has no engineering degree, not even an experience in the roller coaster industry; but Ivers is a welder, and he has access to plenty amount of scrap metal.

His masterpiece (which he called, by the way, “The Blue Flash”) was built only with the trial-and-error process. He even skipped a few processes and utilized the roof of his storage shed as support for the first hill.

Anyone who wishes to ride The Blue Flash can do it for free, if they are brave enough to trek across Indiana to ride a backyard coaster that is made by an inexperienced stranger. One more thing: you will be riding a modified car seat without any safety features.

Anyway, the entire idea of riding roller coasters is to let the adrenaline juices flow, which will trick your mind that you are going to die, so this is probably the best roller coaster ever built.


The Miniature Paris

What is more likely happening in this photo: a regular guy Photoshopped to look like a giant overtaking Paris . . . or has the entire city shrunk? Believe it or not, it is just a replica of Paris.

With no particular reason in mind, Gerard Brion had spent his life to build a scale replica of Paris in his own backyard, and it took him fifteen years to build it. By the time he was finished, he was 29 years old.

He worked on the entire project by himself, and he built the mini city using old concrete blocks, baby food jars, soup tins, and other heaps of junk. As you will notice, thousands of Hot Wheels are scattered around its streets. Aside from that, the city also features bridges with rivers running under it, while electrical wiring was installed to light the city up at night. He got the replica right with his incredible attention to detail.

Annually, his work draws in 15,000 tourists to the town of Vaissac in South France. Aside from seeing the real Eiffel Tower, you can also include this in your itinerary the next time you go to Paris. Just resist the urge to be Godzilla and stomp Paris to the ground.

Watch the roller coaster in the video right here.

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