This Cabin Might be Quite Tiny, but it By Far One of the Coolest Houses Around


Although they look like something that is taken out from the set of a fantasy film, these beautiful country houses are real. These are actually designed and made by Dan Pauly, a fourth generation wood artist, who is currently working out his abode in Minnesota.

The great-grandfather of Dan arrived in the United States in the late 1800s. He was responsible for building most of the dramatic old barns in Minnesota, which are still standing until now. To follow his footsteps, Dan added some charm and strangeness to his own creations. Below are some of the coolest cabins he has completed:

Located in Minnesota, Dan’s structures are undeniably stunning, regardless of the season.

Dan’s creations are distinct, but they all have his signature chimney and roof. He also creates lush garden sheds, starting at a price of $14,000. Even though it is a bit pricey, the cost will surely be justified as the results are mesmerizing.

“As I uncover an old barn or shed, I realize that it could be the same lumber that my great-grandfather used more than 100 years ago… Until you have dismantled an old barn, you can’t imagine the painstaking effort it took from Old-World craftsmen to erect it. They were each a work of art… This wood reflects our natural heritage, and has a much richer and more attractive patina and grain than modern wood,” said Dan.

Here is the interior of one of Dan’s saunas.

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