You Have to See These Colorful Lamps Designed Like Balloons


What to feel like a kid again but don’t know how? Well, why don’t you put up one of these lamps that look like balloons? Yes, you heard it right, they’re lamps that are designed like balloons.

Designed by Boris Klimek, the Memory lamps look like real balloons. When you see it, you will remember childhood memories—exactly why this collection of colorful lamps are called so.

Creative Modern Glass Balloon Ceiling Light Children Lamp Two Sizes

The colorful balloon designs bring us back to our childhood days, which send nostalgia to our hearts.


The lamps designed bring out an imaginative and playful atmosphere at home, and they also make an interesting house decor.

In any room in the house, you can make the appropriate combination of lamps to lighten up the atmosphere.

This is the perfect way to let your inner child out without even worrying about what other people might say. So what if you’re an adult? We’re all kids in our own way!



It basically fits anywhere and goes well with any interior design you already have. If you have a baby, they will definitely enjoy these lamps too.

These lamps are a constant reminder of the “care-free” and “fun-loving” childhood you had.

You can choose to have them stick out on the wall.



Or for a more realistic effect, you can also place them on the ceiling.

What attracts most buyers is the fact that they allow you to combine the colors to its efficiency. The colors aren’t boring as well and they’re indeed very lively and cheerful.

Combined with several different colors and sizes of balloon lamps, your house will definitely have a unique and cheerful ambiance.



The collection comes with nine different colors of the lamps: yellow, white, gray, orange, turquoise blue, apple green, red, and light pink.


Balloons are symbols of our childhood. They act as a reminder of the life we had back then, when we played too hard and cared too less. Back to the days when everything was all about having fun, running around with friends, and soaking under the sun. With these balloon lamps, you can relive every single moment of your childhood and bring back those memories.


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