Couple Builds House Inside a Cave After They Couldn’t Build a Normal Abode


Living in caves somehow reminds us of our ancestors during the prehistoric period. With all the modern conveniences we enjoy today, it’s hard to imagine going back to living in a rabbit hole when we can live comfortably in the suburb.

But no matter what our opinion is about living in subterranean, a number of people actually appreciate the peaceful lifestyle they enjoy in the cave as their new home. For them it’s a perfect dwelling place for their families.

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There’s more to this one hill than meets the eye

You won’t believe that on that hill is a cave with a cozy little house inside

And the proud owners of this beautiful rock shelter are Cathy and her husband, Randy Clark

This cave home in Arizona is owned by couple Cathy and Randy Clark. They immediately liked the vertical layout of the ground. And when they learned that their neighbor, who happened to be a mining engineer, was building his own cave home, they decided they want one too.

Despite that it’s under the earth, the Clark home is cozy and has this homey ambiance. “It feels normal. Our ceiling is about 15 feet high and we were able to put a sleeping loft over there,” narrates Cathy while she was touring the house. The house actually looks lovely.

After they moved in, the couple found a few surprises inside their new abode. Cathy’s supply of water for her daily use comes from an underwater spring that can provide up to 20 gallons of water a day. She also found a wonderful spiral staircase. She was also able to make use of an open space as dining area, an attractive loft bedroom, and a marvelous outdoor porch.

If living in a cave means living in this beautiful cavern, then anyone would be willing to start a life on a hill.

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