This Entire Town in England is Filled with Disorienting Crooked Houses …You Won’t Believe Why


If you think it’s just your screen, then you’re wrong. There’s just something about this medieval European town that doesn’t look right. Known for its crooked buildings, this centuries-old town is now becoming a popular tourist attraction. Before you decide to go there, try to keep your balance. We’ll take you on a virtual tour in this eccentric English hamlet.

Boom Town

Because of the thriving wool trade flourished, so did the small town of Lavenham. As a result, more houses and shops were needed. And, they had to be built quickly.

Crooked Legacy

Up to this day, these crooked buildings are still intact. In fact, they have turned the town of Lavenham into a beautiful yet odd tourist attraction. Since they were built, many of the monarchs of England have walked and looked at them.

Medieval Relic

Lavenham is, by far, the best-preserved medieval town in the country.

Historic Village

This Tudor town was the 14th richest in England during the reign of King Henry VIII.

Crooked Buildings

Most of the buildings constructed during the boom were made out of green timber. When the wood started to dry, the buildings warped and twisted. This created the crooked look we now see.



Modern Town

In the 19th century, the town of Lavenham started to recover because of the railroad. To date, the place is still crowded, with lots of attractions and dining selections.

Trading Hub

During the 1500s, the town was very popular for their blues cloth.

Financial Fallout

Henry VIII imposed heavy taxes from the town in order to finance his wars with France. As a result, Lavenham suffered.

The Beginning

The town began during the reign of Henry III. It became a thriving town in the 1200s.

Still Standing

Because there was no funds to rebuild the houses and people needed places to live, the town of Lavenham was left standing.


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