Forget Christmas Lights, This Lighted Haunted House Challenges Them All!


One homeowner decided to go against the norms of the Halloween tradition. So instead of the traditional jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows, he decided to do something a bit different.

An ordinary Californian house transforms into a fascinating light show that is captivating enough to entertain anyone’s senses. Kevin Judd, the one responsible for the spectacular light dance, lives in Riverside, California. He set up hundreds of lights and synchronized them to the song “This Is Halloween” from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

A recent video that was posted on a social media site that went viral now marks his house as a tourist destination.



The light show offers four singing pumpkin faces, hand-carved pumpkins, tombstones, thousands of lights, strobes, and 1,144 channels. The amazing thing is that most of the lights, faces, and props were custom-made by Kevin. The view of the house changing colors to the beat and rhythm and wonderfully synching to the song is just magical. Some jokingly worried about how much Kevin pays for his electric bills.

One of the thousands to visit Kevin’s House.

Watch the video of the “Party Rock Anthem” light show below: