Man Converts Gasoline Station into a Residential House


When Robert Guthrie‘s son learned that his father had bought a gas station and decided to move in there, he thought his father had gone crazy.

But Robert is serious. He wanted to have a unique house, so he purchased a century-old gasoline station located in New Orleans and transformed it into a quirky-designed residential house. It was actually a brilliant idea.

The 2,000–square foot area, which was once called Sinclair Gasoline, is now owned by Mr. Guthrie. The house has some modern designs, but the accessories used inside are part of the place’s history.

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The sconces in the ground floor’s bathroom are made of headlights.

The cabinets’ handles are not your traditional round holders but customized car emblems. You should not also miss the artwork displayed in resin that features toy cars.

The roof deck is gorgeous and the staircase’s design is one of a kind—old hydraulic lift. The kitchen, though, is modern but nevertheless impressive.

With his creativity, Robert was able to retain Sinclair’s history at the same time fulfilling his vision of what his house should look like.

Robert did a marvelous job converting this dilapidated gasoline station into a spectacularly like a vintage house.

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