This Unbelievable House In Australia Floats Above The Sea. Check Out How They Did It

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By combining some techniques in classy contemporary architecture and perspective, the architects behind the Australia F2 Architecture firm were able to create a floating luxury rental home. And, it appears to drift over the coast of Southern Australia.

With the bridge at the entryway, the appealing structure, and the stunning seascape, a surreal illusion is created. From a certain angle, it seems like the building is floating above the waters. In another angle, it is clear that the building is just built on a pole. Once you finally cross the bridge that connects the building to the land, you will witness for yourself a spectacular view of the Fairhaven Beach and the Great Ocean Road.

According to reports, the building can be rented for a price starting at 440 to 1,200 Australian Dollars. But, before you make a reservation, take note that the place is not kid or pet friendly. It is only recommended for those who are looking to find a luxurious getaway for two.






Find out more about this structure in the clips below:


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