This Unbelievable House In Australia Floats Above The Sea. Check Out How They Did It



By combining some techniques in classy contemporary architecture and perspective, the architects behind the Australia F2 Architecture firm were able to create a floating luxury rental home. And, it appears to drift over the coast of Southern Australia.

With the bridge at the entryway, the appealing structure, and the stunning seascape, a surreal illusion is created. From a certain angle, it seems like the building is floating above the waters. In another angle, it is clear that the building is just built on a pole. Once you finally cross the bridge that connects the building to the land, you will witness for yourself a spectacular view of the Fairhaven Beach and the Great Ocean Road.

According to reports, the building can be rented for a price starting at 440 to 1,200 Australian Dollars. But, before you make a reservation, take note that the place is not kid or pet friendly. It is only recommended for those who are looking to find a luxurious getaway for two.






Find out more about this structure in the clips below:


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