You Can Live Your Life on the Edge …All You Need to Do is Buy this Awesome House



Cliff House is a 5-storey modular home that is designed to hang to the side of a cliff. It is the brainchild of the company Modscape, and it is their response to the request of many clients, who wanted to have more design options for extreme locations in the coastal land of Australia.

Here is a description of the house, written on the company’s website:

“Inspired by the way barnacles cling to the hull of a ship, a concept was developed for a modular home to hang off the side of a cliff as opposed to sitting on top of it. 

The home is visualised as a natural extension of the cliff face rather than an addition to the landscape, creating an absolute connection with the ocean. As the design itself would make conventional construction prohibitive, the concept utilises Modscape’s modular design and prefabrication technologies to deliver a series of stacked modules that are anchored into the cliff face using engineered steel pins.

Entry to the home is through a carport on the top floor, where a lift vertically connects the user through each of the descending living spaces. Internally, the living spaces feature minimalistic furnishings to ensure that the transcendent views of the ocean and the unique spatial experience of the location remain the integral focal point of the design.”

Marvel at some photos of this amazing house design below:


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