This Looks Like A Regular Church on the Outside, But When You See Inside …Wow!



Churches are probably one of the most beautiful buildings when judged from an architectural point of view. Their seemingly complicated designs and etches on the wall make them extremely gorgeous and grand. They have an old-school yet timeless feeling that is forever imbued within their walls.

Who would’ve ever even thought that a church could be used as a house. because of it’s beauty, it should not rally come as a shock, but how this particular church was transformed is noteworthy.

Zecc Architecten transformed a church into a superbly exquisite house. They even filmed a cooking show in it because of its sheer beauty. Go ahead and check out the photos below.

It looks like a wonderful church from the front.

But inside, it projects another form of architecture. The windows, for one, are truly breathtaking.

Even the washroom looks amazing.

This place will truly give a “grand” entrance.



Having a meal in this home would definitely be nice.

Due to the walls being so high, large art fits perfectly.

The archways and ceilings make this house a dream for everyone.

The transformation that this church underwent is a product of the power of architecture and art.

Even the stairs are elegant.



White walls and new furniture give this place a modern feel.

This is the building’s outline.

Churches are magnificent buildings by nature. But this transformation is completely amazing, and it even made the church more magnificent. Turning a church into a house is a brilliant idea; after all, a church has always been known as one’s refuge and shelter.


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