These Mirror House Architecture Designs are Unconventional, but Still Beautiful


Modern architecture strives to create home designs that go beyond standard ideas, going as far building unconventional structures.

Peter Pichler Architecture’s “Mirror Houses” are concrete examples of modern architecture. These houses are surrounded by spectacular mountains of the Dolomites, in the midst of apple orchards close to Bolzano, North of Italy. The residences are surrounded by mirror glass, and if you look from the inside, you can clearly see the beauty that lies outside. If you prefer to stand outdoor, you will see the reflection of yourself and the surrounding.

In one of the architectural firm’s creations, an old existing farmhouse is mirrored in the new contemporary architecture and is literally blended into it rather than competing against the certain views from the client’s garden. The volume opens toward the east with a big glass facade that fades with curvilinear lines into the black aluminum shell. The units of the west facade bordering the garden of the client is surrounded by a mirrored glass with a pool, making the units almost invisible.

Peter Pichler wants to make the design to have a maximum degree of privacy for both the client and the residing guest. The new structure is oriented toward the eastern side, with a private garden and an autonomous access and parking for their guests. Each unit will contain a bath and bedroom that has big skylights to allow natural light and ventilation. A kitchen and a living room can be found too.

The client asked to design a structure for renting out as a luxury holiday unit, so guests have their small autonomous apartment and can fully enjoy the experience of living right beside a breathtaking natural wonder. Pichler’s client has actually lived in a farmhouse back in the ’60s, which is why he wants it to perfectly complement with the nature around it.

The project’s initial volume is split into two units, which are slightly shifted in height and length in order to loosen the entire structure and articulating their difference. There is also a small basement that serves as temporary storage. Both units are floating on a base above the ground, evoking light and offering better views from their cantilevering terraces to the impressive surrounding landscape.

You can book a room via, if you want to spend a night or few in this place.






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