Modern Staircase Designs that Will Make Climbing Up Less Daunting


When planning to have a staircase at home, you have to know that space is among the most important elements you have to consider. If your designer doesn’t know how to make good use of space, the result will only end up utilizing lots of space for no good reasons.

If you don’t want this to happen, better check out the modern staircase designs in our list.

1. Staircase in Northampton

Designed by Philip Watts

2. Bookcase Staircase

Designed by Levitate Architects

3. Tree Stairs

Designed by unknown

4. Flower Petal Staircase

Designed by Pattrick Jouin

5. Hanging Stairs

Designed by Deriba Furniture

6. Otherworldly Stairs

Designed by Vincent Dubourg

7. Timber Stripes Staircase

Designed by Tetrarc

8. Vivid Staircase


Designed by Hanne Fuglbjerg

9. Tree Banister

Designed by Architecture del Ferro

10. Sloping Stairs

Designed by TAF arkitektkontor

11. Flat F. M. Stairs

Designed by ecole

12. Spiral Slide Staircase

Designed by unknown

13. Lace Staircase

Designed by Dust

14. Workplace Stair Unit

Designed by Studio Mieke Meijer

15. Metal Staircase

Designed by Francesco Librizzi

16. Library Slider Stairs

Designed by Moon Hoon

17. La Maison Unique Stairs

Designed by Heatherwick studio

18. Steep Stairs

Designed by unknown

19. Staircase Slide Combo

Designed by Alex Michaelis

20. Space-Saving Stairs

Designed by unknown

21. Sensualscaping Stairs

Designed by Atmos Studio

22. Understairs Space


Designed by Deriba Furniture

Obviously, these staircases are beyond extraordinary, combining the element of space and comfort into one beautiful creation.

Here are other staircase designs that might help in making the process of climbing up less daunting:


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