This Remarkable Hut Was Built Near The Summit of Matterhorn At 12,000 feet …Wow


Despite being relatively short in stature compared with such colossal mountains like Godwin Austin K2, (which is almost half the height of Everest itself at 4480 meters), and Everest, Matterhorn is one of the most legendary peaks in the world. Among mountaineers, it is the stuff of legends.

An international mountaineering phenomenon was triggered due to the difficulty of climbing this peak. Many lives were taken from the number of attempts that have been made to climb the summit for many many years. The peak finally surrendered in 1865 and since then thousands of people have successfully ascended it including some very aged people and young children. It is situated near the outskirts of Switzerland (in the Alps) and Italy.

The most photographed area of the mountain is its East side, where a majestic view of the famed mountain is presented. People are constantly thinking of crazy things to do at the Matterhorn with a couple of these attempts ending in catastrophe, some of which were the goals of lunatics.

A company of young men bragged about getting a cow to the summit, but were then discovered frozen to death in the ridge below. Another faction of people had another insane idea in 1915. At a suitable position of only 400 meters away from the peak itself, they aimed to build a simple hut.

Scroll down for video

See it? There it is.

See that point at the insane gradient? That is where the hut was made!

Take a peek at the hut on the Matterhorn below

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