This Solar Powered Floating House Will Change The Way We Live, it is Surprisingly Awesome



The WaterNest 100 is a floating eco-friendly solar-powered home, which was a concept by Italian architect Giancarlo Zema. The buoyant house provide 100 square meters of living area in a circular structure that looks like a pod. The house is made up of 98% recycled materials and the house’s covering is a cluster of solar panels.

It isn’t the architect’s first time to study the notion of designing a home on water. Several designs he had been involved in was a seemingly floating apartment block, a yacht style home, and a partly submerged residence on a cliff side. However, among these projects, the WaterNest 100 was the one that became a reality and appears to be much more sensible.

Zema mentioned that the house’s concept  came from examining a couple of water birds nests. He mentioned that he was fascinated by how the water birds thrived and produced off-springs in perfect tranquility with nature and on the water. That’s when the architect decided to create a floating house, which people can experience to live in.

The floating house is a 12-meter arched structure that is 4-meters high and crafted to be anchored on calm seas, lakes, and bays. The house’s frame is built from recycled aluminum and it comes with a scaffold of laminated wood for support. The covering is also made from wood and the partition wall is particularly designed to withstand and survive weather conditions.

The house’s electricity is generated by a solar panel array of about 60 square meters wide, which is situated on the roof. The architecture of the Amorphous solar panels have been developed to match the structure’s arch. It also provides a maximum output of 4 kWp, if you’d want like, it can also run at approximately 1 kWp.

The home possesses a micro-ventilation system, which is utilized by the building. The ceiling and floor also have air grills, which provides fresh air inside the house. It also has an automated temperature control system, which means that it was specifically made for minimal maintenance and the energy utilization is absolutely low.




The owners of the WaterNest 100 has the luxury to design the house in a variety of ways. Each house has a pivotal square space, has two bedrooms and can cater to a family of four. It can also be used as an exhibition center, office, shop, lounge bar or a restaurant.

Everything in the house is automated and the system is the one regulating the curtains and blinds as well as the sound system and the lights. The settings for lighting, sound profiles, and air conditioning are pre-set. However, the owner would be able to monitor the energy consumption and its amount along with the temperature.

According to Zema, the WaterNest 100 will be available pretty soon and all of us are excited to at least observe a prototype. With all that being said, I’m wondering how much is the price for one of these exquisite homes. Any theories?


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