This Wine Cellar is Worth a Ridiculous Amount of Money …Find Out the Secrets it Holds

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Hidden somewhere in the cliffs above River Derwent, a 21-acre property was built. Part of it is a small 1,000-square food shed structure that houses a three-piece bathroom and a small kitchen.

Looking at the exterior, the structure looks beautiful. Its details are very intricate and obviously, they are all made to last.

Although it looks simple on the outside, what’s hidden below is pretty impressive.

Nine levels under, an extremely huge wine cellar was built.

Constructed within a period of six and a half months, this stunning structure can hold up to four thousand bottles of wine.

The main seating area that holds the rest of the wine was built four levels below. As you move down, more storage for liquors, wines, and even kayaks can also be found.

However, if you think the cellar is just an ordinary wine storage place, then think again. It is fully equipped with electricity and water. It even holds a banquet-style table that allows a seating capacity of 32 people.

This table is definitely perfect for dinner parties with family and friends.

To be able to reach the massive cellar, there are two entrances to choose from. One is from the beautiful shed, and the other one is located out in the open.

If you take the latter passageway, it will lead you to a soft and flat area that is surrounded with magnificent views of Cape Raoul and Storm Bay. If you are lucky enough, you can see various sorts of wildlife or take a dip at tiny bays.

The property is now up for sale. If he has sufficient time, he wants to turn it into a vineyard, a hotel, or a private residence.

If you have three million Australian Dollars, you better hurry and inquire. This one-of-a-kind property could be yours later on.

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