World’s Largest Tallest Tree House

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Twenty-three years ago, Minister Horace Burgess was praying to God when he heard Him say, “If you build a tree house, I’ll see that you never run out of material.” Being the religious man that he is, Minister Burgess worked hard to fulfill His request. Years later, he found himself standing before the largest tree house in the whole world.

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tree house2

Spending over $12,000 of money and fourteen years of his life, Minister Burgess has finally made a tree house he believed would satisfy God’s request. The huge construction is located just outside Crossville, Tennessee, and stands 97 feet. The tree house also serves as a church building and is surrounded and supported by large oak trees.

tree house7

The almost a hundred-foot-tall wooden house has 80 rooms and also has a bell tower, which is equipped with oxygen acetylene bottles that were repurposed as bells and which chime daily. It has five stories, and each of the floors is surrounded by a porch deck.

tree house6

Saying that he built it all for God, Minister Burgess thinks there is no point in disallowing people to have a tour around the tree house. Everyone is welcome. You will never see any “Private Property” or “No Climbing” sign around the house. If you go to the top of the house, you can see the word “Jesus” spelled out in a neighboring field.

tree house10

However, in August 2012, local fire marshall ordered the house to be closed, insisting it is what must be done to prevent fire and danger. According to them, the structure exceeded the 60 feet allowable height of a building and the architecture was beyond the required distribution system. The details of the entire building portrayed unsafe constructions and facilities since there were no alarms, precautions for exits, no fire extinguishers, and no guard rails.

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