Luxurious Cliff-Side Homes Taking Living to New Heights

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All of us have dreamed of being rich and living in a luxury home with an amazing stretch of view from the ocean with a chic swimming pool to give it the complete elegant touch. However, if you have fear of heights, this new marvelous architectural design is not suitable for you.

“Casa Brutale”, as it was called by Open Platform for Architecture (OPA), is a conceptual residence that is yet to be built into a cliffside just above the Aegean Sea.

Due to the materials for its construction like wood, concrete, and mostly glass, casa brutale will allow you to have a full access to the breathtaking views of the sea below and the sky above.



As it is to be fitted into a cliff, the roof will be leveled with the ground.

This structure will have pool on its rooftop, which is lined with reinforced glass, so it serves as a massive natural light source.



Inside, the concrete, wood, and stone combination create a seemingly refined design. The light distorted from the waters above also gives it an enthralling ambiance and resonance.



To find out more about this luxurious home, watch the video below:

Want some more cliff side homes? These houses built in cliffs have an architectural edge:

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3.  Shadowcliff in Wisconsin  jutting out over Ellison Bay

4.  Holman House overlooking the jagged cliffs of Dover Heights on the coast of Australia.

5.  Casa 11 Mujeres looking out over Santiago in Chile.


6.   Casa Finisterra nestled cliffside in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

7.  Modscape

8.  St Leon 10 Bachelor Pad in South Africa

9.  ‘Las Palmeras’ holiday home

10.  Fall House perched on a rocky bluff in California’s Big Sur region.

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