World’s Oldest Hotel Has Been Operating for More Than 1,300 Years


Built in 718 AD, many thought that Hoshi Ryokan was the most ancient functioning hotel in the world. But there’s a hotel located in Hayakawa, Japan, that was constructed much earlier, in 705 AD, and that’s Nishiyama Onsen Keiunan.

Since its inauguration 1,311 years ago, the inn has only been closed down during renovations. The business has been handled by the all the 52-generation descendants of the owner, Fujiwara Mahito.

Inside the inn, though, the interiors are typical Japanese designs, and the rooms are modern-type. The hotel’s main attraction is its hot spring.

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nishiyama onsen keiunan

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunan in Japan is listed by the Guinness World Record as the oldest running hotel in the world

nishiyama onsen keiunan

The secrets to the hotel’s longevity in the business are the friendly staff who always deliver excellent service to the guests, the hotel’s amenities, and of course the owners’ great management.

The hotel’s last renovation was in 1997, it has 37 rooms, and every room is decorated with traditional Japanese style

nishiyama onsen keiunan

You’ll get to savor these traditional Japanese dishes when you stay there.

nishiyama onsen keiunan

But visitors frequent the place mainly because of one thing—the inn’s hot springs

The water used for the hotel’s baths are from the hot springs

At the entrance, there’s a fountain fed by the hot spring as well

This hotel is worthy of your visit.

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