18 Private Islands That Are Cheaper Than an Apartment in San Francisco

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The price you pay for a good housing in San Francisco will blow your mind. But if you do plan to shell out your money, we just want to inform you that there are actual islands that cost way less than an accumulated yearly rental or even college tuition fee for that matter.

Take a look below:

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1. Young Island Resort

Price: $10,000,000

The Young Island Resort in the Gredanines is a tropical paradise. It also has a hotel complete with 29 cottages available for daily rental. Co-owners of the 12.6-acre island Dr. Fred Ballantyne and Mr. Vidal Browne take pride in the luxurious architecture, which has continuously developed over the years.

. . . or spend it on this penthouse for $11,000,000

This three-bedroom penthouse is equally luxurious. It is perfect for a millionaire’s escape but minus the tropical view.

2. Tivi Island

Price: $7,500,000

Fiji’s Tivi Island is breathtaking and unspoiled. The 150-acre island is currently up in the market for $7,500,000, as the company who currently owns it are looking for partners to develop a resort on it.

And then there’s this Presidio house for $7,995,000

For the record, this San Francisco house is located in the Bay Area. The house is designed to resemble a cube, complete with low ceiling. So whether this be a perfect place to spend your money on or not is for you to decide in the end.

3. Tokmakia Island

Price: $4,952,573

The magical coastline of this tropical paradise lies near Turkey and Greece. In here, you’ll find protected animals and turquoise blue waters.

Alternatively, there’s a condo for $5,950,000

So maybe you’ll be spending a million more for this three-bedroom condo in Nob Hill. But to justify that, you’ll be getting your money’s worth, do bear in mind that it does come with luxurious amenities.

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