Take a Dip into the World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

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One perfect remedy to battle the unbearable heat of the sun is to take a dip into your favorite pool.

Swimming pools have earned the reputation as one of the summer season’s iconic pieces. This man made contraption that is filled with water has been used throughout history as water based recreational material.

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Diving into NEMO33

Due to its increasing popularity, swimming pools have also gained the recognition as an object of prestige. This is seen by the luxurious treatments and makeovers that pools have. And if you find yourself bored with your local resort’s swimming pool, then step out of your comfort zone and take a dip into Nemo 33, the world’s deepest pool.


Nemo 33 is an indoor swimming pool facility that is located in Brussels, Beglium. This amazing pool was designed by Belgian diving expert John Beernaerts. The pool has a depth of 113 feet below the surface and contains over 2,500,000 liters of non chlorinated water.

Deepest Swimming pool
Deepest Swimming pool

Because of the pool’s warm temperature, swimmers can stay for extended periods of time inside it even without a wetsuit. Aside from its incredible depth, facility even has a few underwater caves for tourists to explore too.

Catch a glimpse of this man made marvel in the video below:

Nemo 33 previously held the title of the world’s deepest swimming pool until the completion of Y-40 of Padua, Italy in June 2014. Y-40 currently holds the title of the world’s deepest swimming pool.

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