The “Beast” Supercar Unleashed by Rezvani Motors


Rezvani announced last year about their concept car named Beast. The Beast is an Ariel Atom 3 fully dressed up body and with amenities. This “born on the track and designed for the road” roadster is finally going into production.

The supercar makers refined the design, engine and performance specs of the Beast. Using the design of Atom, Rezvani used carbon steel chassis to reinforce the car for increased rigidity. The carbon fiber body is also mold out to a distinctive form. The supercar’s front fascia is developed to create downforce with a new set of inverted wings.

The Beast will be equipped with an Apple CarPlay-based infotainment system. It will weigh at just 1,650 pounds about 100 pounds more that the estimated weight from the concept design. The car will have a 500-hp 2.4 L four-cylinder. An engine which is supercharger and turbocharger can reach a max ouput to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds. The Beast’s top speed is 165 mph.

A show car version of the Beast is on display at Rezvani showroom in Costa Mesa, California. The Beast is available for orders for those who can afford its $165,000 price tag.

Check out the pictures of the Beast below.

The Rezvani Beast on the track

Rezvani Beast

The Rezvani Beast is a new roadster built on an Ariel Atom 3 chassis

Rezvani Beast

Rezvani is a California boutique coach builder



The Beast is now available for $165K

The Beast has carbon fiber seats and steering wheel

Rezvani Beast



Hit the play on the video below to “unleash the Beast”.




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