The Most Epic GoPro Video Ever Has Gone Insanely Viral

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GoPro has earned the reputation for being instrumental in giving the world a whole new window to look at.

Most Epic GoPro Video

This portable video camera is a constant subject of fascination, mainly because of the insanely shocking viral videos that its users bring to the world. And, although some of these videos may showcase a variety of extreme stunts and funny antics or a combination of the two, one particular viral video shows just the opposite.

Most Epic GoPro Video



This five-minute viral GoPro video showcases a man starting his day off with what anyone can assume to be his morning routine. A few seconds into the video, the viewer is introduced to an individual named Candide Thovex. To those who are not familiar with this person, Thovex is a French professional skier and entrepreneur.

Most Epic GoPro Video

He has gained worldwide recognition for his creative approach to the sport of freestyle skiing and has won several awards for it. Thovex first caught the eye of outdoor and action sports by jumping the notorious ‘Chad’s Gap’.

‘Chad’s Gap’ is a massive transfer jump that is 120 feet (37 m) from take-off to landing with a gully in between measuring 40 feet (12 m) deep located in Alta, Utah, USA.

Aside from being a professional skier, this 32-year-old French skier is also an accomplished filmmaker. His videos showing his creative point of view have routinely gone viral.

Most Epic GoPro Video

In this latest clip titled, ‘One of Those Days 2’, the viewer is magically given the impression that they are the French skier himself. Entirely shot on a head cam, viewers get a firsthand experience on the thrilling ride as Thovex slides down the slopes of Val Blanc in France.

The video highlights a series of heart-stopping leaps, jumps and flips as the 32-year-old pro slides down the breathtaking scenery of the mountains. What makes it so remarkable is that he does everything with tremendous ease.

Most Epic GoPro Video

The best part of the video is towards the end, where Thovex caps his jump in his jaw-dropping style. This recent video currently has over 15 million views.

Thovex’s videos reportedly average about 1.5 million views a day, a feat that is hard to achieve nowadays.



Check out Thovex’s most epic video to date:

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