Top 10 Fastest Yachts on the Water


Some yachts are meant for luxury and lounging. They’ve got the looks and the amenities that could satisfy one’s cravings. But some yachts are built for speed that will get you wherever you want to go.

Sun Ark

Sun Ark is a performance yacht built by Heesen Yachts. Launched in 1995, she was designed by Frank Mulder and can reach a top speed of 54 knots. It has an overall length of 36.7 meters.


Daloli, formerly the AA Absolute, was built by Heesen Yachts in 1995 for the Sultan of Brunei. She was designed by Frank Mulder. With her length of 36.58 meters, she can sail at a maximum speed of 54 knots.


Nobody is the flagship of the Mangusta 108 series. It was designed by Andrea Bacigalupo and Stefano Righini and built by Overmarine, she has a maximum of 55 knots – the fastest in the series. This 33.5 meter yacht was launched in 2001.


Designed by Rob Humphreys this high speed yacht was constructed in carbon fiber in order to withstand extreme loading while traveling at over 55 knots. Built by McMullen & Wing, she is powered by three MTU 16V 4000 M90 series engines.

Brave Challenger

Initially called Mercury, this yacht was built by Vosper for the Greek shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos. She was designed by Peter du Cane. She has an impressive performance with three gas turbines that generate 13,620hp and a maximum speed of 60 knots.

118 WallyPower

The 118 WallyPower’s sleek design is the result of an extensive R&D program that included water tank testing and wind tunnel testing in Italy. It has a maximum speed of 60 knots, credits to her three Vericor TF50 gas turbines.

Gentry Eagle

Gentry Eagle was built by the late Tom Gentry, whose passion was to set nearly every powerboat speed record in existence. This same passion drove him  to design and build Gentry Eagle, with 11,500hp and a maximum speed of 64 knots.


The making of Alamshar in Great Britain has been kept a closely guarded secret as it was developed to include the very latest gas turbines. Triple waterjets, which was never employed on any other yachts, gave her its exceptional performance, providing the capability of speeds up to 65 knots.


Foners was built for King Juan Carlos of Spain who is known for his penchant for speed. Foners was crowned the fastest yacht in the world in 2000 when she reached 68 knots. She is propelled by three Rolls Royce gas turbines and two MAN diesel engines.

World is Not Enough

World is not Enough was built by Millenium Super Yachts in 1998 to be the fastest yacht in the world. Designed by Dutch naval architect Frank Mulder, World is not Enough is the only yacht to have reached 70 knots, with two Paxman diesel engines propelling her. Aside from her speed, she also has an interior that can accommodate 10 guests.


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