Top 20 Tourist Destinations from Around the World

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Most of us have dreamed of travelling around the world. The only setback is that these trips, while fulfilling, can punch a hole through your bank account. If only you can travel without sparing any expense, right?

Luckily, you can still do this without spending a single dime. Through the advancement of technology, the World Wide Web can provide the satisfaction you need as you go to spectacular sights and views around the globe, all while sitting in your couch at home.

Today, we have gathered 20 of these must-see spots on the planet. Let us take you to a journey in tourist destinations all over the world.

Koh Lipe, Thailand

The crystal waters and pristine reefs attract the foreign tourists to take a vacation on this island. Also, twenty-five of world’s exotic tropical fish species reside in the protected waters of Koh Lipe.

Istria, Croatia

Istria is Croatia’s northernmost peninsula, which is famous for their truffles, Malvazija white wines, olive oil stan cijas (estates), and crumbling hill towns.

Virunga Volcanoes

Above is the Nyiragongo Volcano in Congo. This active volcano belongs to the eight-volcano chain of Central Africa’s Virunga Volcanoes Massif, which borders the countries of  Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This volcanic chain is home to various array of wildlife species such as mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and elephants.

The steep five-hour hike to the top of Nyiragongo Volcano will you reward you rhapsodic panoramas of the world’s largest lava lake. You can even spend a night on its rim to complete your experience.

Sonoma, California

With a staggering number of 300 wineries, Sonoma offers peak wine tasting from Ravenswood’s deep Zinfandels to Gloria Ferrer’s sophisticated sparklers.


Among the Arabian Peninsula, Oman constructed an opera house and planting desert gardens in its capital city, Muscat. Also, the city offers its most elite hotel, the Park Inn, which features a helicopter landing pad and a majestic view of the Arabian Sea in their roof terrace where you can see yacht’s anchorage.




Most tourists visit the ruins of their once-rich Mayan civilization — the Chich én Itzá in Mexico, the Caracol in Belize, the Copán in Honduras, and the Tikal in Guatemala, where the Mayan culture has been passed onto generations. Some of them has kept their culture alive and vibrant in the Guatemala’s Western Highlands.


Aside from the magnificent seaside resorts and the rich history of Greece, the country possesses a hidden beauty. Some of them are the gorges of Roumeli and the mountains of Mani. But none of them compare to the alluring and mystifying chants in Roussanou Monastery (pictured above).

New Zealand

This astounding work of nature has been famous for its jaw-dropping form. This mineral-rimmed landscape provides sightseers withe views of erupting geysers,mud boils, and steam seeps from its cliffs.


Next time you stop in Peru, make sure to try their diverse homeland cuisines. Above is the snapshot of Gastón Acurios’s La Mar, a cevicheria which onnly serves lunch in Lima.


If you want to get in touch with nature, Hovsgol — Mongolia’s northernmost province — is the perfect place for you. Aside from the amazing view, travelers come to this place to catch and release taimen, a giant salmonid “river wolves” that swim Hovsgol waterways.

Or you can also try another activity which involves riding Mongolian ponies to search for Tsaatan (picture taken above), a small band of nomadic reindeer herders who live in encampments and practice shamanistic beliefs.




Iceland’s famous Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a North Atlantic island nation which promises knife-cut valleys, leviathan fjords, towering cliffs, sonorous waterfalls, white glaciers, and black-sand beaches.


Dresden has been named as the “Florence of Elbe” after the kings of Saxony focused on the development of their capital. Sadly in February 1945, the bombings between the British and the Americans destroyed the once-magnificent city, and taking the lives of tens of thousands civilians in the process.

However, the Dresden’s center has been resurrected after nearly 70 years, and is now one of Germany’s top tourist spots.

North Colombia

Northern Colombia’s Tayrona National Park has been well-known for its marvelous beaches and the lost city of Ciudad Perdida.

Costa Brava

One of the top tourist destinations in Costa Brava  is the fishing village of Calella de Palafrugell where they boast their seaside restaurants and homes.

Costa Brava is also home to one of art’s greatest eccentrics, Salvador Dali, in a town called Catalonia.

Muskoka, Ontario

Known as the heart of Ontario’s cottage country, Muskoka provides its visitors with satisfaction as they visit its 17 historic towns and villages that revel as one with the wilderness through the countless eye-catching views and sceneries of their waterfalls and lakes.




Aside from the famous Big Ben and the world-renowned Ferris wheel, the London Eye, you can also visit the county’s Olympic landmark, the City Hall which meets the Tower Bridge along Thames.

Sri Lanka

The Central Highlands of Sri Lanka — formerly known as Ceylon — is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage that is also famous to backpackers for its mountainous and mist-draped realms, other than their massive tea plantations and their rain forest preserves.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Explore the city where the gargantuan ship, Titanic, took birth and made its maiden voyage.


From their famous canal to the country itself, Panama has a promising array of culture which include the Embera women, who paints their bodies and crafts elaborate neckpieces.


Pittsburgh underwent major transformations which led the western Pennsylvania city to be named as the “Steel City”. Bright architectural minds has transfigured Pittsburgh’s Victorian landmarks into contemporary ones with sustainable designs like their waterfront convention center.


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