See How These Magical Rainbow Bagels Are Made

See How These Magical Rainbow Bagels Are Made

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York, is now famous due to its much-publicized rainbow bagels, which is nothing short of magical for the social media savvy folks on Instagram.

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The whimsical wheels of artistic paradise come in a variety of colors and can even be custom-ordered, but how do the folks at The Bagel Store make them?

Scot Rossillo, the creator of these famous bagels, takes neon-colored dough and layers them into piles that make them look like the Play-dohs kids love. However, the most amazing part is when the doughs are sliced into beautiful, thin strips.

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If these bagels look like art, it’s because they are. Rossillo is an artist who spent two decades developing this vibrant breakfast food, and it proved beneficial to him for more than one reason. He told The Huffington Post, “It has been a very focused and disciplined 20 years of perfecting my art. At the same time, it has become my meditation.”

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Whether you’re stopping by the store to admire their art or enjoying them with some Funfetti cream cheese and coffee, one thing is for sure: these rainbow bagels are the cheeriest breakfast food you can get.

A spokeswoman for the store even said that the treats are “truly a labor of love” and that they are “all about making people happy.”

“No matter what your day is like, you smile,” she said.

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