Maryland Mom Leaves Free Bagged Lunches ‘for Anyone Who Needs It’ Amid Coronavirus

Maryland Mom Leaves Free Bagged Lunches ‘for Anyone Who Needs It’ Amid Coronavirus

With over 4 million people infected worldwide, it is safe to say that the coronavirus is a crisis we can’t easily get out of. But amid this pandemic, there sprout stories of humanity that make us realize that yes, it is bad, but the world isn’t ending and there are people out there that are trying their hardest to make these hard times a little more bearable for everybody.

The story behind this free bagged lunches

One of these stories is that of a good Samaritan from Maryland who leaves free bagged lunches for her hungry neighbors to feast on.

bagged lunches

Every 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., a line of brown bags with free meals inside are displayed on a folding table outside the Arundel Beach Road traffic circle in Severna Park, Maryland. It comes with a note that says, “For anyone who needs it . . . I will be leaving some healthy sack lunches on this table for you if you are hungry and need to eat. Made with love by a neighborhood mom in a clean and sanitized kitchen.”

One of them was Kimberly Gussow, a Severna Park resident who grabbed a bag for her 7-year-old. She told ABC News that the bag contained a ham sandwich, fruit snacks, an orange, and an apple. Currently working from home and doing everything she can to save every penny she could get, Gussow said the bagged lunches have been a great help. 

bagged lunches

She told Capital Gazette, “Times are a little bit tough. I think it’s great everybody is stepping up to help out any way they can. This might not be a good time but it forces everybody to slow down and reevaluate.”

Gussow also told ABC News that she’s very grateful for the Severna Park mom, saying, “This makes me embrace my community even more. I’m proud to live here. It’s great to show our kids that there is good in our world. It’s not just about ourselves, it needs to be about others too.”

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