These Examples of Beautiful Natural Hearts Photography will Make You Love Mother Nature

These Examples of Beautiful Natural Hearts Photography will Make You Love Mother Nature


Valentine’s Day is probably the most romantic day of the year. On this day, many couples spend their time together. While some go on a date in some fancy restaurants, others take a leave and visit some of the most romantic destinations from all over the world.

Though it is normal for humans to use flowers, wine, chocolates, and candies to express their love, nature has its own special way of showing it. As you look around, you will see plenty of natural hearts that you will definitely enjoy looking at. Whether you are in love or not, we compiled some of the hearts in nature, hoping it will too inspire you.

Regardless of the season, nature always has something beautiful to offer – breathtaking views and marvelous sights we can all appreciate. Of course, it only shows that love is always around us – in the trees, in the clouds, and on the ground, we just have to see it.

With the collaboration of Mr. Cupid and Mother Nature, we are able to see such wonderful heart-shaped trees and islands.


For those who seek a truly romantic destination, Maldives’ heart-shaped island is the place to be. As one of the best honey moon destinations, many couples consider this place a beautiful haven.


The photo above features the Heart Sea Arch in Portugal. Although the sea isn’t really heart-shaped, the natural heart photography makes it a must-visit place in Portugal.


Located in North Dakota, the Heart River flows in the shape of a heart, which can be perfectly seen from the bird’s eye view.







In the photo above, you can see birds flying in the sky in the shape of a heart. It only proves that timing is important to take great pictures in nature.


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