Queen of the Dark

Nyakim Gatwech: Stunning South Sudanese Model Proclaimed as ‘Queen of the Dark’

At an age where whitewashing and bleaching have sadly become a trend, this stunning woman isn’t afraid to break the stereotype. Nyakim Gatwech proudly embraces her dark skin, earning the title “Queen of the Dark.”

Meet Nyakim Gatwech, the Stunning Model Dubbed as ‘Queen of the Dark’

Twenty-four-year-old Nyakim Gatwech turns heads wherever she goes. Her deeply pigmented skin is truly eye-catching and a fit for high fashion, but it is her natural confidence that is making her an inspiration for young girls everywhere.

Nyakim, who has relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, has no qualms about showing the world how proud she is of her dark skin. In fact, she captioned one of her Instagram photos with these wise words: “My chocolate is elegant. So is what I represent . . . a nation of warriors.”

Nyakim first went viral after she shared a personal experience with a racist Uber driver. The man had the audacity to ask if she would “bleach” her skin for $10,000. Nyakim said she laughed so hard at the question that she couldn’t speak. When she finally gained composure, she asked the man, “Why on earth would I ever bleach this beautiful melanin?”

Aside from speaking publicly about the need for diversity in fashion, she also encourages other women of color to embrace the skin they’re in. Because of her powerful influence, Nyakim has been called the Queen of the Dark, a nickname that she fully embraces.

Nyakim Gatwech is one of the most beautiful models that recently exploded into the scene. Her smoldering gaze, svelte frame, and moonlight skin have captivated thousands.

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Nyakim Gatwech

But things weren’t always smooth-sailing for the South Sudanese model, she endured a lot of racism when she stepped onto US soil.

Nyakim Gatwech

Just last year, Nyakim was asked by an Uber driver if she would bleach her skin for ten grand.

Nyakim Gatwech

Instead of lashing out at him, Nyakim remained calm and composed. Since then, she has come to love her skin even more.

Nyakim Gatwech

“My chocolate is elegant. So is what I represent . . . a nation of warriors.”

Nyakim Gatwech

“There was a time in my life where I considered bleaching myself to avoid the dirty looks, the laughter, and for boys to find me attractive,” the model admitted to Yahoo! Beauty.

Nyakim Gatwech

Nyakim has made it her personal mission to inspire others. She constantly posts stunning photographs accompanied with equally inspiring captions on her Instagram page.

Nyakim Gatwech

“You are beyond beautiful, and the love I have for you is unconditional because you are me,” she wrote on one post. “Let’s show the world how beautiful and intelligent we are apart from just being dark-skinned.”

Beautiful and Intelligent

Nyakim Gatwech has since gone viral, garnering close to 200,000 Instagram followers and counting.

Lots of Followers

Despite her success, Nyakim does receive a few degrading comments, but she chooses to never stoop down to her haters’ level.

Proud of It

She is now even dubbed the “Queen of the Dark,” a title she happily accepts.


“My skin absorbs the suns rays and my hair defies gravity. Now you can’t tell me I’m not magical!”


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