Office Ghost Stories That Will Scare Your Socks Off

Office Ghost Stories That Will Scare Your Socks Off

When it comes to real-life ghost stories, we hear a lot talking about abandoned buildings and old houses. But you would never think such scary stories could come from brightly lit offices and workplaces. Such professional spaces are usually the last places you’d ever suspect of being haunted, but that doesn’t mean that spooky things don’t happen there.

Prepare to be spooked by the tales these office workers and employees tell about the chilling things that have happened in their workplaces.

Office Ghost Stories That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

The One with the Office Exorcisms

Office Ghost Story

Employees of an insurance firm located in one of the major cities of the Philippines profess that their office building harbors not a few ghostly apparitions of its own. Some of them have reported hearing the cries of a small child, while a few have even seen the ghost stories of a headless young girl running around its offices and corridors. Things apparently got so bad to the extent that they even held exorcisms at one of the floors due to the intensity of the paranormal activities. 

The One with the Disembodied Voice 

This tale from a certain Francisca, who is working as a barista for a famous coffee chain in Washington will surely make the hair on your arms rise. One night she was alone in the lobby with no customers and all her coworkers in the back room when she heard a voice from out of nowhere say in a distinct voice, “Where are my hands?!” 

Ghost Stories

On another instance, she and her coworkers would hear someone say “Hello? Hello? Hello?” as if the voice was calling out for someone or asking for help. “There have been multiple times I’m in the back alone washing dishes and see something move out of the corner of my eye or hear something fall or shuffle. I’ll check, and no one will be there,” she said. 

The One Where the Phone Kept Ringing

This story doesn’t feature any ghostly apparitions, but it’s just as spooky. Imagine if you were alone in the office at night because you had to do some overtime, but you couldn’t concentrate on your work because you keep hearing the phones in your office ringing only for them to stop when you went to answer it. That’s exactly what happened to a certain Karen D’cruz, who works for a publishing firm. 

Office Ghost stories

“In our old office, if you worked past 9 p.m., sometimes the printer would just start printing stuff and you’d be the only one there. Phones would ring and ring but when you answer, no one’s there. Lights flashing on the intercom, but no one was around. Those were some dicey nights.” Having to do overtime alone is always an ominous thing, but when you add in some paranormal activity, it’s the worst.

The One with the Unexplained Noises 


Lainey Espick works the late shift as a server at a restaurant, and she and her coworkers have all experienced some pretty spooky stuff that seemingly can’t be explained. “The food kitchen [at the restaurant where I work] is downstairs. We stop serving food at 10:00, but we’re still open till midnight. [When I was closing up a few years ago,] I was minding my own business when I started hearing what sounded like pots and pans clanging. I assumed the kitchen boys were still there, so I went down to see what all the commotion was about. When I got down there, the lights were off and they had left for the night,” she said. She immediately related her experience to her coworkers and cleaning personnel and was surprised when they all corroborated her story. It turns out that they had all experienced some hauntings of their own too in that restaurant. 


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