Footage of Paranormal Disturbances

Camera Catches Spine -Tingling Paranormal Disturbances at Irish School

Schools are our second home, called so for it’s where we learn the lessons we wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. But what if the place you thought was the safest becomes the scariest?

Apparitions at schools aren’t something new, though, considering number of scary movies revolving around a dead student haunting the alive that caused them pain. But every time we see a real video of ghastly happenings at a school, we couldn’t help but be left in fear.

Just like this CCTV footage.

CCTV Footage Catches Paranormal Disturbances at Irish School

In October 2017, a normal day at Deerpark Christian Brother’s School in Cork City, Ireland, turned into something worth forgetting after school staff discovered an eerie CCTV footage showing what they believed were paranormal disturbances in the school’s locker area.

The video, which went viral not long after and has now been viewed more than 15 million times, shows an empty corridor with student lockers untouched. But not until 16 seconds later.

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Paranormal Disturbances at Irish School

First, a door suddenly slams shut, but it’s clear that there’s no one around who could’ve done it. Then a part of the locker unit just starts rocking back and forth again with no human intervention. Then a locker suddenly opens with papers inside it flying out.

A few seconds later, a Wet Floor sign just falls over as if somebody tripped on it.

Some claim that it’s not true, with several YouTube videos reviewing the said clip and debunking it. One said it was suspicious enough that the lockers that were rocking back and forth were near a window, making it easier for someone to just slip their hands in and move it. And the door slamming shut also raised questions, as it was too far away from the screen, and it’s hard to confirm that nobody was there to push it. A user also said the camera’s position was too low when CCTV cameras are usually placed right under the celing.

Nobody can ever be sure whether or not the clip is true or just a product of some master editing, but one thing’s for sure: the video is only a minute and forty-one seconds long, but it was long enough to scare the wits out of anyone who’s seen it.

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