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Woman’s Day Reporter Shares Spooky Experience When She Visited Toowoomba

Woman’s Day reporter Amelia Saw was never really a believer of the paranormal. But that and everything else changed when she visited the Australian city of Toowoomba.

Woman’s Day Writer Talks About ‘Ghost Encounters’ in Toowoomba

For magazine and national TV writer Amelia Saw, ghosts were just a product of a man’s imagination, so when she came across a Facebook page about some “haunted” Australian town, she knew she had to go see it herself to believe.

After seeing the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers’ Facebook page, Saw and photographer David Hahn traveled to the town to see just how true the residents’ claims are.

Nicknamed The Garden City, Toowoomba, to Saw’s disbelief, greeted its guests not with fields of flowers but tales of hauntings that changed the way the magazine reporter sees things.

After days of interviewing locals from all walks of life about the town’s reputation as “Australia’s most haunted,” Saw knew about spooky encounters and several stories of sightings of unknown apparitions.

One interesting story, she said, was told by a resident named Kylie Samuels, one of the creators of Toowoomba Ghost Chasers.

Saw shared, “Kylie lives in this house that used to be rented by an undertaker, and every time she tries to put a crucifix on the wall, it flicks off. This happens time and time again, there has been no wind or no other explanation.”

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Toowoomba Ghost

On a different day, Saw and Hahn spoke to a mother and daughter who shared a spine-tingling story about two drovers that once stayed at the Royal Bulls Head Inn.

Saw narrated, “Legend has it that two drovers in the upstairs sitting room were accidentally poisoned, and since that happened, people have reported weird sickness settling in once they are in that room.

“We took a mother and daughter and stood in the room where the supposed symptoms happen, and within a couple of minutes, the daughter’s breathing became labored. She looked very uncomfortable and unsettled.”

Saw admitted that what she witnessed sent chills down her spine.

But it was not that encounter that she would consider the scariest. It was something she experienced herself in her own motel room.

It was eleven in the morning, she was in bed, when Saw heard weird and inexplicable noises coming from the bathroom. Then the shower suddenly turned on.

Saw was sure there was no one in the bathroom. She was alone that day. She was so terrified to even get up and check. She was in for another shock when the shower just turned off by itself.

She recalled, “What was even spookier was that when I got up in the morning and walked into the bathroom, I stepped on the floor and it was all wet. I skidded quite dramatically and remember having the thought that someone was trying to kill me.

“I wasn’t a complete skeptic before, but I certainly wasn’t a complete believer either, but it is hard to deny what you are seeing, so yeah, I am a believer now.”

A lot of groups have visited Toowoomba. And all of them believe that the town is not only home to the living but also to those who have passed. And perhaps, Saw’s experience proved exactly just that.

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